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(formerly EKO MiLPAP)

Is a company with over 10 years of experience in supplying new and used waste volume reduction equipment. Since the establishment of the company, we have gained the trust of over a thousand customers in Poland and Europe. The high quality-to-price ratio of the equipment we supply is our company’s main asset. We also provide service and professional assistance in consultancy. At the client’s request, we organise transport and training in the use of the equipment. Our regular offer includes consumable materials. We look forward to hearing from you!

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(formerly Eko MiLPAP)
is part of the Espir Group.

The company is located in the picturesque region of Podlasie, in Podkamionka, between Białystok and Sokółka. It started its activity under the name MiLPAP (the founders were brothers Michał and Łukasz Gromotowicz) and dealt with the production of spiral wound paper sleeves. Already then the brothers encountered a problem with post-production waste. The solution was to purchase a baler. The market was surveyed. The results clearly indicated that there was much more potential than in the production of spiral wound cores. The machinery and service team expanded and with them came the first experience. The first mission clarified. To give new life to good, old, robust designs of volume reduction equipment. MiLPAP evolved into Eko MiLPAP. While working on well-known brands (HSM, ORWAK, BRAMIDAN, DIXI, KK, MACFAB among others), the experience grew so much that with the changing market expectations it started to suggest other solutions. An original design was created as a result of a compromise between construction, price, advantages and disadvantages of known brands and problems that appeared after many years in serviced balers.

In 2021, the company underwent a rebranding. The name ESPIR TECH refers to the ESPIR group, which includes ESPIR FOTO and ESPIR LOGISTICS. The TECH division will continue to specialise in servicing volume reduction equipment. However, the latest second generation of compactors, the fourth generation of vertical balers, as well as the whole line of horizontal balers, which are gaining more and more recognition in Polish and European companies will be marketed under the Ecobalers brand.

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